What is an NVD?

A National Vendor Declaration (NVD) is a legal document to be completed by the owner or a person responsible for the husbandry of the livestock. An NVD declares any status on the livestock being sold/transported (chemical treatments and/or exposure history), including the owners PIC. Livestock MUST be accompanied by an NVD every time they are transported off a property, this includes to a saleyard. If you have any NVD queries, contact your selling agent or contact the Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) on 1800 683 111.

What is a PIC?

A Property Identification Code (PIC) is an 8 digit code that is unique to each livestock-producing property. It is a requirement to have a PIC to buy and sell livestock to allow for the correct transfer on the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) database. If you have any PIC or NLIS queries, contact your selling agent or contact the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) on 1800 678 779.

What is the PIC for the Leongatha Saleyard?


What is the PIC for the Pakenham Saleyard?


Do Livestock Require an NLIS tag?

Yes. Any animal transported to the saleyards are required to be tagged with an National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) tag. This is a unqiue electronic tag that links individual livestock to the owners PIC. It is needed for transfers of livestock from one PIC to another. There are fines in place for vendors that allow livestock to travel without an NLIS tag.

Are Wild Cattle Allowed at the Saleyards?

No. Cattle that are deemed dangerous pose an Occupational Health and Safety hazard to all staff working at the Victorian Livestock Exchange. Wild cattle should be transported direct to an abattoir for slaughter.