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Since its establishment in 1997, the Victorian Livestock Exchange (VLE) has led the way in developing and operating state of the art livestock exchanges. The VLE currently operates saleyards in Pakenham and Leongatha as well as processing sales at other saleyards including Omeo, Benambra, Ensay, Heyfield and Gelantipy.

The company is owned and driven by industry stakeholders including livestock producers, agents and carriers. As a result, the VLE is totally focused on meeting industry needs. No changes occur unless they are supported by the livestock sales industry.

What’s On This Week

Monday 9th May
Pakenham Prime Market
Expected Numbers
Ox/Trade – 628
Cows – 487
Bulls – 25
Calves – 1

Wednesday 11th May
Leongatha Prime Market
Expected Numbers
Bullocks – 452
Trade – 396
Cows – 600
Bulls – 25
No Sheep

Thursday 12th May
Pakenham Store Market
Expected Numbers
Steers & Heifers – 4611
Cows & Calves – 50×50

Friday 13th May
Leongatha Store Market
Expected Numbers
Steers – 4650
Heifers – 1540
Cows & Calves – 35×30

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