Board of Directors

Christopher Sleigh
Non-executive Director, Chairman

Chris was the original sponsor of a livestock selling complex at Pakenham and owned part of the development site. He is a registered commercial builder with extensive experience in the construction of industrial buildings.

Chris has other industrial property interests in the south-east growth corridor of Melbourne. He also has farming interests in Central Victoria.

Graham Osborne
Non-executive Director

Graham has extensive knowledge of the livestock industry including transportation, marketing and breeding. He has a long history of being active in farmer lobby groups, has been a councilor to Cardinia Shire and retains cattle grazing interests. Graham is a winner of the prestigious Cardinia VFF achievement award for contributions to agriculture. Graham was the founding Chairman of the VLE and later became Managing Director until his retirement in June 2014.

Michael Quinert
LL.B., B.Ec
Non-executive Director, Secretary

Michael is a partner of Quinert Rodda & Associates. He is a commercial lawyer with areas of practice including acquisitions, takeovers, capital raising, stock exchange listing rules, licensing agreements, managed investment schemes and commercial contracts.

Michael was previously a solicitor with ASX (Melbourne) Ltd. He is the chairman of West Wits Mining Ltd and a non executive director of two other ASX listed companies. Michael’s areas of responsibility as a director of the VLE include legal negotiations, legal issues and company compliance advice.

Brian Paynter
Managing Director

Brian joined the VLE as Chief Financial Officer in February 2019 and quickly built a passion and understanding of the company and its place in the livestock industry. He became managing director in July 2020. Brian is a chartered accountant, a small business owner, has held senior management positions and has a long history in the meat industry.

Jenny O’Sullivan
B. Ag, Grad Dip. Ed
Non-Executive Director

Jenny and her husband run a 664ha beef and sheep property. She is passionate about sustainable agriculture and the red meat industry. Jenny has worked with the grazing industry in building the capacity of people and encouraging landholders to embrace best practice. Jenny is a member of The Australian Cattle Council’s policy council and a member of the Australian Beef Sustainability Steering Group.

Jenny received SALRC Producer 2020 Award for contributions to research, development, extension, communication, and practical application of innovation on farm, to improve the profitability, productivity and sustainability of the Southern Australian red meat and livestock industries