Conditions of Yard Entry

Terms & Conditions of Entry to VLE Sale Yards


You are entering private property, entry is at the discretion of VLE management.

Whilst on site you must abide by all lawfull directions given by VLE staff.

Auctions are conducted under terms & conditions as set by the Australian Livestock  & Property Agents Association. Participation in auctions constitutes acceptance of these terms & conditions. These terms & conditions are posted at the main office.

Any person disrupting auctions will be escorted from the premises.

Bidding for & viewing of livestock is permitted from the buyers walkways ONLY.

Cruelty to animals will  NOT be tollerated.

Diseased or crippled animals will not be accepted.

Prior to the taking of photos, recording of footage or any other audio visual material, permission MUST be given by VLE Management.

NO DOGS are permitted in the cattle sale yards.

Working dogs that are used in sheep sale yards must be muzzled.

Children under the age of 12 years are to be under the direction & supervision of an adult at all times.

All visitors are required to sign the site attendee register or scan in using the QR code.