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From 1st January, 2017, any sheep or goats born in Victoria will need to be identified by an electronic NLIS tag.

For more information click here: Information on Sheep & Goat eID

From Monday 16th November 2015 the latest version of NVD will be required for all movements (nationally) of all LPA accredited livestock (sheep, lambs, goats and cattle), including:

 Property to property
 Through saleyards
 Direct to processors
 Feedlots
 Live export trade

The only NVD’s that will be accepted will be:
(The version is printed on the front of the NVD book):

 C0720 – Cattle
 E0720 – EU Cattle
 BC0720 – Bobby Calves
 S0720 – Sheep & Lambs
 G0720 – Goats

Further information please visit www.safemeat.com.au
To order new NVD books visit www.mla.com.au or call 1800 683 111