The VLE has close ties with over 200 stock agents

What We Do

Since its establishment in 1997, the Victorian Livestock Exchange (VLE) has led the way in developing and operating state of the art livestock exchanges.

The company is owned and driven by industry stakeholders including livestock producers, agents and carriers. As a result, the VLE is totally focused on meeting industry needs. No changes occur unless they are supported by the livestock sales industry.

The Victorian Livestock Exchange is directed by a board of directors that provides a broad range of skills and a great depth of experience.

The Victorian Livestock Exchange has been at the forefont of implementing scanning technology under the National Livestock Identification System and is now a leader in the field. The VLE also provides scanning and consultancy services under contact to other operators.

The Victorian Livestock Exchange has pioneered methodologies for OH & S compliance in the livestock exchange industry and has an unblemished record in the management of environmental issues.